Venturing far from his quaint regional upbringing in the vast Western Australian Wheatbelt, Michael Dunstan has accomplished a huge amount for being only 23 years old. Touring Australia four times and New Zealand twice in the last 18 months with shows largely sold out, Dunstan has been welcomed with a warm and large loyal following for his craft. Openly sharing personal past struggles with heavy anxiety, Michael hopes to leave all with a piece of mindfulness, and share a new-found appreciation of the beautiful world in which we live.

With a love for the open road, Michael’s pensive writing reflects and explores periods of travel, calm and silence, and the accompanying revelations and growth found while transitioning through light to dark periods of our lives.

Narrowing down a large body of writing, a stunning debut album commences recording this October, landing early 2020.
A new single is incoming on the back of the release of ‘Smiling At Strangers’, expect ‘An Open Road’ to land at the start of this Spring!